About Caz


Welcome to my art gallery, powered by the guys at Shopify. 

I’m not one for writing about myself but here goes... 
I am a self taught artist who’s love of drawing has been lifelong. My inspiration comes from music (I draw with my headphones on) how I’m feeling and pretty much whatever I’m viewing in my imagination as a result. My Mum, who was also wonderfully creative, would always have a project she’d be working on. Whilst she knitted or made clothes she would encourage me to do the same with drawing. 

I studied Art History in 2003/4 and have continued to develop and just experiment with paint, ink, digital drawing, photography, even resin (which was not a success story by any stretch of the imagination) 

Nearly eight years ago, I started to put my work up on social media to build an online portfolio, called Cazartco. I’ve had such an amazing following. It’s the feedback I’ve had over the years, that’s given me the motivation to keep . pushing myself creatively, and just learning, very happily I might add. Art is a living thing. A way of life. A way of seeing the world.

I’m based in Derbyshire UK at my home studio. All my original work is dispatched from here and kept as COVID safe as is possible at these times. My printed artworks are dispatched directly from my printers, Whitewall, based in London & Germany. 


If you have any questions, or require any help with ordering please get in touch.  I am also available for exhibitions (still yet to show) commissioned artworks and bespoke creations, as well as creating artwork for musicians, record companies and agencies on a freelance basis. 

Thanks for dropping by. I really hope you enjoy the art x